Summer is Coming

It’s tempting, isn’t it? You’re thinking about having an intern handle your social media this summer, aren’t you? If so, make sure you read our caveats:

Write down all your social media passwords

Yes, this is beginner stuff, but it bears repeating (this spring we’ve rescued several businesses who were unable to access their own social media accounts–one for three years!–because the person who started their accounts left without turning over the social account passwords).

Don’t assume your intern understands social media for business

Undoubtedly your intern uses more social networks than you do, is up on the latest trends, and knows how to share social videos with contextual stickers and geo-filters. However, you’ve got to remember that your intern is not a business owner and has very little real-world business experience. Social media for business is different than taking the perfect selfie.

Get ready to teach your intern how social media fits into the big picture

You’ve spent a lot of time developing a business strategy and a social media marketing plan that supports your business goals. You don’t want to lose momentum when your intern takes over social media for the summer. Are you trying to generate reach, traffic, sales, or event RSVPs? Make sure you know the best way to get results from your social media so you can teach your intern. Perhaps the most important lesson your intern needs to learn is that good content always has an objective: it’s created with a specific purpose to trigger a desired action.

Don’t assume your intern understands your business or your brand

Make sure you approve and read everything your intern posts. Better yet, have your intern follow a content calendar that you manage. Let’s hope your intern has already received parental advice to not post anything online that they wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with their face on it. Likewise, having the wrong language, ideas, or images representing your business can do more harm than you can imagine.

Developing a broad view of your business and how social media works to support it isn’t something that happens overnight. However, with the right structure and oversight, your intern can not only help you stay on top of your social media this summer but can also walk away with invaluable business experience to showcase in a job interview. And, don’t worry: if you’re locked out of your social accounts in September, you can count on us to get them back.

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